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HK Endless Jewelry Co.,Ltd is founded in 2010, whose head office is in Hong Kong, China. In the same year, the company set up a branch and production workshop in Panyu, Guangzhou, the world's largest jewelry production base famous for "world jewelry, created in Panyu". It is a professional jewelry company integrating gold and silver jewelry design, research and development, production and sales. Under the guidance of the customer service principle of "customer satisfaction is the future, customer satisfaction is everyone's responsibility", over the years, with the steady and hard work of all Endris people and the strong support of all partners, the company has been constantly developing and growing. At present, the company has more than 300 employees and dozens of upstream and downstream cooperative enterprises, with more than 3000 m² production and office space.

Since its inception, the company has always adhered to the practical practice of our "customer satisfaction is the future, customer satisfaction everyone is responsible" business philosophy. We have invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in new design, process improvement, equipment update, etc., and strictly abide by the development principle of "3000 new models every year" to meet customers' continuous new demand. At the same time, we have led the market trend. The continuous progress of new design and R & D process has laid a solid R & D process foundation for our company to establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with customers We have established a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperative relationship.

In terms of quality, we strictly follow the high-quality principle of "products are excellent products", establish "factory 8s management rules", constantly improve the production factors such as personnel, equipment, materials, environment and workflow; establish "life cycle management of production equipment" to ensure that all production equipment is in the optimal state; resolutely put an end to batch processing of machines to ensure the quality of products Each product is purely handmade; strict quality inspection standards are set up for each process, the management principle of parallel production and quality inspection is adopted, the personnel allocation of quality inspection and production staff is 1:4, a defective product is not allowed to flow out of any process, the attitude of zero tolerance is adopted for customer quality complaints, the principle of heavier punishment is adhered to, and the high-pressure situation of quality is always maintained to promote quality Enderless all staff adhere to the quality line is the lifeline.

Guided by the corporate mission of "what we really create is not jewelry, but a happy and ethical organization" and the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction is the future, and everyone is responsible for customer satisfaction", we have carefully designed and planned the value system, rules and regulations, work requirements and atmosphere of the organization. Since 2018, based on the collective wisdom of all employees, enderless has become the first jewelry enterprise with full IT management coverage, contributing its wisdom and strength to the exploration of automatic office in jewelry industry. At the same time, on the basis of striving to achieve the goal of full service to customers, we provide a variety of benefits for employees, such as capacity performance, profit and loss performance, outstanding employees' shareholding system, learning and training, internal entrepreneurship, timely company group construction and other activities, provide rich material and spiritual foundation for outstanding employees, and strive to grow, become talents and succeed together with outstanding employees.

In terms of social responsibility, we firmly believe that profit maximization should not be the only or even the primary pursuit of an enterprise. Only profit based on the completion of its responsibilities to employees, partners and society is the profit that an enterprise deserves. For many years, enderless has been actively undertaking social responsibility within its power in addition to complying with various laws and regulations, and has been enthusiastically participating in various public welfare activities, Only the enterprises that are beneficial to the society and recognized by the society are respected enterprises and moral enterprises. Such enterprises must be happy enterprises.

After years of deep cultivation, our company has won the recognition of many domestic and foreign customers and partners, and established a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with some world-famous brands. We cherish the hard won customer recognition. All Endris people will firmly remember the business philosophy of "customer satisfaction can have a future, customer satisfaction is everyone's responsibility". Through the joint efforts of all employees, we are committed to becoming a jewelry company which can make customers satisfied, respected by colleagues and benefit shareholders.

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